As You Enter Our Chapel and Experience the Loving Energy,
Your Soul will Resonate to the Knowing of Being Home.


What is a Metaphysical Lifestyle?


It is not a movement based on fear, anger or guilt...
nor do we use those emotions to control others.


This lifestyle allows people to truly realize Love has no conditions attached and when we Love and Know ourselves, we can Love and Know others, as well.


Metaphysics honors each person's path. 

All paths lead to the mountain top,
and we are all children of God traveling the path of life.


Metaphysics is learning to take conscious responsibility for our life
and not to blame others for our problems.  All problems are lessons...
experiences that give each person an opportunity to grow.


Metaphysics is for people who believe we are what we think, and
we can change anytime by just changing our thoughts.  All we need
do is go within, to the God Source that resides in each of us,
to find all the empowerment we need.


Metaphysicians know they can change the world by changing themselves and not by trying to change others. 

They are people who choose their own path and not the dogmatic teachings of others.  They see others as part of the same whole. 

Each of us posses many facets, and by
observation of the Self, we can learn to master each part, each facet.


Metaphysicians come from all walks of life and

have one common goal...




A Metaphysical Lifestyle Reminds us... 
We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience,
We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience!


The Chapel Healing Basket


At the entrance to the chapel, we invite you to stop and


write on small strips of paper
the names of loved ones who are in need of healing. 

We will pray for those people,
and our healers and angels will work on these

requests for many
asking for healing, years, 
love and energy to be sent to each.




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